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24 October
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A quick guide to walking in Bear Country.

Rule one: When hiking in Bear Country it is advisable to carry pepper spray and sew jingle bells to your clothing.

Rule two: Bear poop is easily distinguished by its strong peppery smell and the presence of ground up bits of jingle bells.

Just an ol' grrlBear lookng for a place in the sun. When I'm actually working I customize cars. Yesss, women build cars too dear. When I'm not working I write. And since I have a very active imagination I tend to write femslash. Right now I seem to be obsessed with the Harry Potter universe, but at the will of the Great Plot Bunny I might go any where....

Oh, you want Personal stuff?
OK..First of all I am over 21. If you knew how funny this statement is you'd be crying along with me.

I am not really a bear.
But I am.
I strongly dislike stupid people.
I strongly dislike homophobic people.
Like Yoda, accused of writing my sentences, I have been.
Get over it.
I am fiercely loyal to my friends.
You can figure out how I feel about my enemies.
I adore chocolate.
And coffee.
And things that go BOOM or BANG.
I like Orcs.
They taste good with Ketchup.
Like you on a bad day.
I like bright and shiny things.
If I don't know you I probably like my cat more than you.
If I do know you, then you WILL know how I feel about you because I will tell you over and over.
Joss Whedon is a god.
My first love will always be Willow and Tara.
If you don't know who they are, well, poor you.
Inside my head is NOT a place you want to go.
I don't even want to be there at times.

That's MS Attitude to you. ;-)

More later....

i'm in gryffindor!

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