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For the snowbound

Just in case you're up to your whatever in cold and or snow....
I thought you might use this to keep warm for a bit.

Hana Bay, Maui, yesterday.


Lj is being a real ass about me posting pictures, but I'll do what I can.

Love for now

A Bear in the Sun
Mama Bear

IF You Sell on Etsy or Other Craft Site

 I'm looking for suggestions for small business accounting packages for selling on the interwebz, especially for the Mac although I have a PC as well.  If anybody has a suggestion I'd be most grateful. Also, does anybody have any opinions about selling on Art Fire or other similar sites?
Thanks Much,

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I don't know about you, but if somebody wrote this version of Little Red Riding Hood, I would read the living hell out of it.

(If somebody knows who did this, please let me know so I can attribute.)

Red is a BAMF!

Mama Bear


You Are a Concrete Thinker

When it comes down to it, you're a practical person. You're only concerned with what works in life.
You like to build your skills and knowledge about the world. You like to know lots of things.

You are career-focused. You get a lot of satisfaction from working hard.
You are always looking for ways to improve yourself and strengthen your ambition in life. You study a lot.

Mama Bear

To TRS on her Natal Day

Nothing else seems to be working in my country, but when Ms. L and I went to a Food Fair in Oakland recently I saw this.
Guess who I thought of?

Happiest of Birthdays Dear One...and many, many more.
Mama Bear

Wednesday Morning Ramble

Probably because I'm old, I don't sleep much.  At least during the night.
(What?  Those day time naps? No effect...none at all. Nhuh-uh.  Shut up).

So to while away the night time hours, I read a lot of blogs; mostly about writing and self publishing. Those aside, and I've mentioned him before, I love Chuck Wendig's Terribleminds blog.  He mostly writes about writing, and his lists of "25 things..." are without peer (25 ways to screw your protagonist, 25 ways to be a happy writer, 25 Plot Twists, etc.etc.).  You should read them. Srsly.

Beside thoughts and observations about writing, he occasionally gets around to sharing recipes, and the two today are about soups. A Saussage-Kale Soup and a Vegetable Soup. I fuckin' love soups. (Mostly because the Bear Cave doesn't have an oven.  I've got one of those four burner glass topped cookers that I fuckin' loathe.  Seriously, if anything needs a Viking funeral, this piece of shit is it.  Really, heat control?  This thing has two speeds, OFF and Melt Lead. I really need a Fry-O-Lator, as I am a firm believer that there is little that can't be improved by immersing it in boiling fat. Or adding bacon.  Or both. Ummmm, bacon!).

Uh, where was I?  Oh, Chuck's blog.

A caveat about his blog however. Chuck's language is....colorful.  In his own words, "Chuck Wendig is a novelist, screenwriter and game designer. This is his blog. He talks a lot about writing. And food.  And the madness of toddlers.  He uses lots of naughty language. NSFW. Probably NSFL.  Be advised."

More like, Be afraid...very,very afraid.

But the soups look damn good.
Mama Bear

Wand Post No. 2

I've been busy. Perhaps not as busy as I should be, but busy none the less.
I've added another album of wands, this time with descriptions, properties and prices. (Shipping is extra).  If you could spare me a minute to take a look I'd be grateful.  If you have suggestions for changes to make it better, please let me know.
Now to come up with a name for the new business, if I get that far. So far I'm thinking "Lazy Dragon Wands", or something like that.
Anyway here it is. Click on any thumbnail for a bigger picture and then use the scroll arrows.
Feedback would be peachy.
Mama Bear

still alive...mostly

Just a quick note to et you all know that I'm still around...but not. Mostly. Sort of.
This move has been one of the most screwed up things I've ever done...and I'm not exactly done as yet. The phone system in the new Cave is totally f*cked beyond all comprehension which means no internet for the past 12 days, and probably not until at least this coming Monday. Believe me, I ma clawing the walls of the new cave in frustration. When I'm not waiting for the phone guys and girls to show up and explain to me that there is "nothing wrong" with their lines, I'll try to sneak out to Peet's Coffee to catch up. So if I owe you a comment or a return note or something, please bear with me, and I'll be back as soon as I can.
If I don't wind up in jail for throttling a phone worker.